About The Dog

In the Summer of 2010 Salty Dog Sports Bar and Grill opened in the Ridgewood Village center in Waco, TX. We have over 30 High Definition Televisions dedicated to sports and sports news. Whether it's PAC 12, BIG 10, SEC or ACC we've got it! Check out some of our one of a kind college neon lights and sport memorabilia.

Home to an aray of delicious foods. Salty Balls and footlong Angus Beef hot dogs are among the fan favorites. And yes, we do serve food in DOG BOWLS. If you love chicken fried steak, then come to Salty Dog for the biggest in Waco! Our patio, dubbed the Beach of Waco, is an awesome spot to hang out with friends or make new ones, while you watch your team play.

We are a great spot for enjoying exciting sports action, great food, and good company! So sit back, relax, have a drink, and soak up all that the Salty Dog has to offer!